The government instructed the police
to allow public demonstrations ... they
were illegal.
Many skilled workers ... redundant at
the moment.
The death penalty has been ... with in
many democracies.
They were late because they ran ...
gas on the highway.
I'd rather you ... to see for yourself.
The honesty exams which were given
to 3.5 ... job applicants last year can
be surprisingly straight forward.
I would be happy to provide any
further information ... require it.
The program will fall ... of ils ambitious
The debate is ... to make these
products available to the general
You could hardly lift this trunk, ... ?
We get our mail delivered once every
... day.

quizQuestions du QCM

  • 1 The journalist was charged ... conveying false information.
  • 2 If you ... earlier you would not have missed him.
  • 3 Private firms are encouraged to compete ... the law permits.
  • 4 The rental-car agencies say their prices will jump ... 9 % by the end of the year.
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