Angais (TAGE 2) star star star

DUREE : 20 minutes / 4O QCM
Cette épreuve comporte soixante questions dont les solutions sont à choisir, pour chacune d‘entre elles, parmi quatre réponses proposées : a, b, c ou d.
Il ne peut y avoir qu‘une solution correcte pour chaque question.

quizQuestions du QCM

  • 1 _______ you like to join us ? We‘re going to a concert tonight.
  • 2 I‘m afraid I _______ come to the party this weekend. I‘ll need to cram for an exam.
  • 3 It takes much _______ by public transport than I thought.
  • 4 I‘m flying to Sydney on Sunday and I‘m very _______ about it.
  • 5 You‘d better ask somebody else to do the translation. I would certainly do a _______ job.
  • + 35 questions